Titanium NFC Enabled Programmable Ring Review

Technology continues to evolve and change. Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart wearables for safety, tracking, fitness and health monitoring; and now a twist on the smart ring. The Titanium Signature NFC Ring

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How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop

Gaming has become one of the key uses of the modern day PC. But people often get confused about how to choose the best gaming laptop. It may sound technical,

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Smart Jewelry – How does a Smart Ring Work ?

Smart Jewelry has entered the wearable tech market and Smart Rings are doing good business. But how does a smart

How to Lockdown your iPhone/iPad from your kids

Technology has already taken a giant leap towards modernization. There have been many benefits of Technology but in the foreground,

How To Make a Phone App – Your Quick Start Guide

Have you had the urge to create something? Has making a phone app ever crossed your mind? Maybe? Great! Although

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The Best Kid Trackers – Keeping Your Most Precious Gift Safe

Technology and the implementation of wearables have made the life of parents and children easy with the best kid trackers on the market. The technology is improving and now one

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A Running Watch Buyers Guide

A Brief Background: Run GPS Computers GPS computers track a wide variety of vital statistics during your run. The information helps you to optimize your workouts so they can be

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Tablet Buying Guide

What is bigger than a smartphone and smaller than a laptop? Answer: The Tablet. One could fill a whole book

Fitness Tracker Buying Guide

Research our fitness tracker buying guide to find direction to the best fitness trackers on the market today. Before you

Headphone Buying Guide

This headphone buying guide is here to help. At home with your high-end stereo or out and about with your

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Simple And Effective Ways For Tracking Your Kids Cell Phone

Tracking your kids cell phone cannot be easier then it is now. Whether you have an Android or Apple device, there are numerous Apps you can download that help monitor

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